La La Laos

Laos was a gift, a bonus, an encore. Laos is not the end of our travels, but it kind of feels like the end of all the travelling. Laos is the last new country, the last country in which we’ll… Continue reading →

No rainbows without rain

Travelling is not just sun, see, beach, beautiful attractions, great food. Travelling is learning about the horrible history of a country, hours long bus-rides across the worst roads to the next destination, noticing culture differences that are not easy to… Continue reading →

Pictures with a story

After a little under three weeks, we’re already leaving Vietnam. Vietnam is a country that caught me by surprise. A country that is not to be summarised in only a couple words. A country with wide diversity. Earlier, I wrote… Continue reading →

A café a day keeps the Vietnamese doctors away

We’ve been in Vietnam a little over two weeks by now, and I think it’s amazing. It might sound crazy, but Vietnam is exactly what I needed. In general, I feel that countries in Southeast Asia are pretty much alike…. Continue reading →

Oh Mai Goodness

Our trip through Thailand starts in Bangkok, where we, like the real Dutch girls we are, go for a cycling tour by Co van Kessel. After a couple of days in Bangkok, we travel on to Kanchanaburi, followed by Ayyuthaya… Continue reading →

Got my head in the clouds

Since the start of our trip, I’ve looked forward to visiting Myanmar. Everyone who already had visited, kept telling me how lovely it was, and that I should go see it, NOW. As the borders have only been open to… Continue reading →

Kuala Lumpur

As I try to come up with what I want to write about Kuala Lumpur, Malaisia, I realise we’ve been gone for a full week already. In the mean while, we’ve seen so many cool things, that I have a… Continue reading →

Love at first light

After a day of temple visiting and another of relaxing at the beach, the time to pack our bags and leave Bali has come. On our last morning we decide to sleep in and go for a royal brunch at… Continue reading →

Wanted: fingernail

The past few days, we’ve put our bodies through some tests. Right now for example, I’m typing with ten fingers and nine fingernails. Alright, I never truly learned how to type with 10 fingers, but the point is that I’m… Continue reading →

On templetour

After we’d spent our Wednesday visiting what used to be Batavia, we traded chaotic Jakarta for slightly more organised Jogjakarta. Our hostel here turns out be situated near everything. The train station is only a 13 minute walk, though it’s… Continue reading →

Honk honk! We’re here!

After a 16 hour trip, consisting of two flights and a cab ride, we arrived at our first destination! The car ride of 23 km luckily only took a full hour. It isn’t that long, especially not if you can… Continue reading →

Will it fit?!

Now that we’re this close to the start of our trip, I have come to realise a couple of things; 1. I have started to look differently at planes that mark the skies. In each plane I can now see… Continue reading →

It’s in the name

It didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped it would, but after 5 tries, we finally received what we had ordered: t-shirts with our own logo! One white shirt with the black logo, one black shirt with the logo in… Continue reading →

Shots at the GGD

Vaccinations, you probably hated getting them when you were younger, and even though you can’t quite remember what it felt like, they still make your tummy go wild at the thought of it. Even I, the enthusiastic blood donor that… Continue reading →

For real? Yes, for real!

It all started with a joke: “Mom! Dad! I’m not going to university next year, Julia and I will be going on a world trip!”. The response I expected was “Noway, go signup for that study in Groningen”, but instead… Continue reading →

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