Day 62 – November 11
The sun is out so we might as well enjoy it. Sitting at the beach, legs up on a bed, in the shadow of our banana leaf umbrella.

Day 61 – November 10
We go for a boat tour to Ha Long Bay. On the way there we pass Monkey Island, where we climb up the rocks for the view. At Ha Long Bay, we kayak through several caves, followed by a swim in the fish free water! A lovely day, getting a lovely tan.

Day 60 – November 9
The weather forecast is even less reliable than back home. Not even a glimpse of the promised bright and warm sun. Nevertheless, you can find us at the beach, which we basically have all to ourselves.

Day 59 – November 8
And we get on the next bus, to Cat Ba island; an island close to Ha Long Bay. Here comes the island-life and we’re more than ready for it!

Day 58 – November 7
We’re back in Hanoi, this time around for a day only. A day well spend in a nail salon.. It’s just so cheap you kind of have to.

Day 57 – November 6
After a day of chilling at a café in Ta Van, we take a minivan back to Sapa centre, from where our bus back to Hanoi will depart tommorrow morning.

Day 56 – November 5
Today we went for a hike through the beautiful mountains in our surrounding, which offered us great views on the rice fields all around. The hike was only 6km but took us a full day because of the steep and slippery roads. Challenging but satisfying!

Day 55 – November 4
We take a bus up North of Vietnam; Sapa. We stay at a homestay in a village just outside Sapa, were we get to experience local life.

Day 54 – November 3
Once again, we get our nails done; Julia all 10, Merel all 9 of them. In the afternoon we head for the iconic “train street”. A narrow lane with rows of houses on each side, and in the middle, a train rails. Twice a day, a train comes running through this couple meter wide street. Except…. for today. However, we do get to see how the locals live next to, moreover on these tracks.

Day 53 – November 2
During our first day in Hanoi, we stroll past Hoan Kiem Lake and visit the Vietnamese Womens Museum. We learn all about the important roll Vietnamese Women played during the wars; as well as about their current status and roll in daily life.

Day 52 – November 1
Our days in Thailand are over, and we fly past Bangkok to Hanoi Vietnam. We loved you Thailand, see you in December!

Day 51 – October 31
We’re already halve way our trip!! We celebrate this “anniversary” at the Grand Canyon water park in Chiang Mai.

Day 50 – October 30
We visit the only Must-see in Chiang Mai: the tempel on Doi Suthep. To us, the temple was nothing special, but the view over Chiang Mai was stunning.

Day 49 – October 29
Even though we almost got scammed by our own guide, the ATV tour to the top of Doi Suthep was awesome!

Day 48 – October 28
Time for cooking class. We learn to make curry, Pad Thai, Stir Fried, and fried banana. By the end of the class, our bellies are so full it’s hard to walk.

Day 47 – October 27
YES, today we get to hug elephants! At Into the Wild – Elephant camp, we get to feed, walk through the jungle, mud, and swing with 5 of the sweetest elephants. Three of these loved animals have been rescued from tourist back riding. The two others, those are love babies of the three rescued ones. The youngest only 4 months old!

Day 46 – October 26
After a full year of national mourning, today is the day the cremation ceremonies of King Bhumibol start. Since everything is closed, we take it easy as well and chill at the hostel, planning our adventures for the coming days.

Day 45 – October 25
After a long day of travelling with three tuktuks, a bus, and a train, we arrive in Chiang Mai.

Day 44 – October 24
Today we visit the Historical Park in Sukhothai Old City. A brilliant spacious park, great maintenance, and beautiful temples and stoepa.

Day 43 – October 23
After an exiting night in which lightning hit our building, we head for Sukhothai.

Day 42 – October 22
Even though we head out early, we didn’t beat the heat. We visit Ratchanaburana and Wat Mahatat, before we head for some airconditioning.

Day 41 – October 21
On we travel, to Ayutthaya. The sun is out and is extremely hot, so instead of visiting the ruins, we head for smoothies.

Day 40 – October 20
Just outside Kanchanaburi are the Erawan waterfalls. The seven layers of beautiful falls over next to a great view also a great swim.

Day 39 – October 19
Today, we travel on to Kanchanaburi, which is known for the burma-trainrails and the Bridge on the river Kwai. We try to see the bridge with sunset, but don’t make it in time. However, with the sun being down, and the rain pouring, we had the bridge all to ourselves.

Day 38 – October 18
We ‘take a day off’ and do some editing, writing, journaling and planning for the coming days.

Day 37 – October 17
Like real Dutch girls, we go for a cycling tour with Co van Kessel. We chose the Co by Night tour, which took us to several hotspots such as the Phraya river, the memorial bridge, the flower market, and ofcourse Wat Pho.

Day 36 – October 16
Paying a visit to the largest mall in Thailand: Central World.

Day 35 – October 15
Today we visit the Chatuchak weekend market. They literally sale anything and everything you can think of. After a couple of hours at the market, we decide to treat ourselves and get our nails done. At Khao San Road, we get a henna tattoo done, and find ourselves some diner.

Day 34 – October 14
Goodbyes are never fun, but saying goodbye to Myanmar is just heart breaking. Today we fly on to Bangkok, Thailand; leaving Myanmar with a ton of great memories.

Day 33 – October 13
At 11AM we see hundreds of monks lining up for their first and only meal of the day.  Stil extremely impressed by what we just saw, we head to U Bein Bridge, the longest teek wooden bridge in the world. In the evening, we head for the Pagoda on Mandalay Hill once again, this time without the rain.

Day 32 – October 12
It’s been raining all night and when we wake up in the morning and look out the window we see, much to our surprise, a massive swimming pool as a street! The cars almost look like boats and our plans to go sightsee in the morning are literally drowned. Instead we decide to go get a message (so annoying), and when we come back the street seem to be dried up enough for a visit to the Su Tang Pyae Pagode. This pagoda is located on to of Mandalay hill, and brings us a view over the surprisingly flat Mandalay. Our new friend Kozew, who turns out to be an ex-monk, goes with us and explains us a lot about Buddhism.

Day 31 – October 11
Unfortunately, it is already time to say goodbye to Bagan to go on to our last destination in Myanmar. With a boat we travel to Mandalay. Next to Yangon, the biggest city in Myanmar.

Day 30 – October 10
It is unbelievable how lucky we are. It is only the second flight of the season, and the first one to actually fly over the temples; we get to watch Bagan from a hot air balloon! It is indescribable, we can’t believe what we see. We would really recommend it to anyone ever visiting Bagan. At the end of the afternoon we visit the Shwesandaw Pagoda where we watch the sunset.

Day 29 – October 9
Watch out!! Merel and Julia are driving scooters around Bagan, to see all the beautiful temples, stupas and pagodas. We drive past Shwezigon Pagoda, on to Htilominlo, and enjoy the view over Bagan on a temple next to it. We also visit the Ananda temple and take a detour back to see some more of the daily life in Bagan. It is immensely pretty!

Day 28 – October 8
After only one full day in Inle Lake we already leave again. We take a mini bus and travel on to Bagan.

Day 27 – October 7
Early in the morning we arrive at our destination. Although we are very tired, we decide to go on a tour that lasts until late in the afternoon. We go on a boat across Inle Lake and stop at several different workshops. We also visit the village on poles; Nyuna She Township.

Day 26 – October 6
We visit the Bagyoke Aung San Market, but also today the rain decided to show. We decide to walk into Junction city, a big shopping mall, and here we find BarBoon. A Dutch café where we enjoy a stroopwafel. At the end of the afternoon it’s already time to leave again; we travel to Inle Lake.

Day 25 – October 5
Myanmar celebrates the Thadingyut festival, aka, the light festival. Unfortunately they do it in the pouring rain. We pay a short visit to the Sule pagoda and walk passed Maha Bandwa park and the city hall. Soon we got fed up with the rain and decided to take shelter at Baker Secrets.

Da;y 24 – October 4
The taxi drops us off at the biggest pagoda in Myanmar; the Swedagon Pagoda. The pagoda shines beautifully gold! After a chilled picknick in the Kandawgyi park we pay a visit to the Yangon Zoological garden, it is also World Animal Day. You can get so close to the animals that you can brush the hippo’s teeth and feed the elephants.

Day 23 – October 3
Bya Kuala Lumpur, it’s time to continue our journey to Myanmar; first destination is Yangon.

Day 22 – October 2
We travel by train toward a café named A-Toast for brunch. The café is so small that literally only 8 people can eat inside, but it’s really cute and cozy. In the afternoon we go back to the Towers to watch the light show in the park next to it.

Day 21 – October 1
Today we walk along the ‘River of Life’, which looks really dirty and lifeless. We also walk into Central Marks for a bit and we go back to the Suria Mall below the Petronas Twin towers. Also Max Verstappen wins the Formula 1 race here in Kuala Lumpur.

Day 20 – September 30
We are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! The most iconic place in this city has to be the Petronas Twin Towers, so we decide to visit does today. Also the mall below it was explored very well. Highlight: they have Wasa Crackers, Rittersport chocolate and Australian TimTams!

Day 19 – September 29
In the bus towards Kuala Lumpur! We travel with Sri Maju: the bus is that spacious that even when we stretch our legs completely we still can’t touch the seats in front of us!

Day 18 – September 28
Today we mostly explore the city on foot. We walk past the Merlion lookout point and over the DNA bridge to the Gardens. Today is the first time that we see the Gardens in daylight, but the day of course isn’t complete before we watch the light show for the very last time. #5times

Day 17 – September 27
After admiring the Marina Bay Sands hotel from the distance for three consecutive days, we climbed to the top today. The observation deck offers a beautiful panoramic view of Singapore. From here we once again watch both light shows, who happen at opposite sides of the tower. To finish it off we make another trip to the Gardens by the Bay at the end of the evening. You guessed it right, to see the beautiful light show!

Day 16 – September 26
We walked towards Little India and Arab Street. It’s really a small city in a city, and it looked completely different from the rest of Singapore. On the way back we were surprised by a gigantic rainstorm. In the Netherlands the manhole covers would be floating over the streets. In the evening we watched the water and light show at the Marina Bay. Beautiful shapes are projected on sprayed water. Afterwards we slipped into the Gardens to see the moonlight light show once again.

Day 15 – September 25
We visited Maartje, one of Julia’s friends, who is temporarily studying at the university in Singapore. We got a campus tour and she showed us the most important buildings. Later in the afternoon we took the subway to Gardens by the Bay, laying next to the impressive Marina Bay Sands hotel. We watched the light show here, which was extremely beautiful and impressive.

Day 14 – September 24
Our first day in Singapore is spend on exploring the near neighbourhood. The difference with Indonesia is immense. Everything is clean and organised well. We end up spending two hours in the largest book store of Singapore, dreaming about all the books we’d like to own. The only thing stopping us from buying them all is the fact we need to carry them all in our backpacks for three more months. Oh, and we kind of need some money for food for the rest of our trip as well.

Day 13 – September 23
When we try to check-in early in the morning, we are put on stand-by. The plane is overbooked, which is no problem because they will happily book you another flight, except there is the threat of volcano Agung which is about to erupt. We go to the airport as early as possible and are lucky enough to get ourselves a seat on the plane. On our way to Singapore!

Day 12 – September 22
A lazy day at the beach, enjoying the beauty of Bali.

Day 11 –  September 21
We visit the Uluwatu temple here on Bali. The temple is known for the monkeys, but the amount of people is far greater than the number of monkeys. Unless, you count the people as monkeys too. Moreover, we watch the Kecak dance, in which they show the same story as the one from Ramayana.

Day 10 – September 20
After surfing for a good one and a half hour, we end up at the doctors-post. Merel got hit by another surfser and lost her nail. You can find a picture somewhere on the home page. Surfing is no longer an option so instead we spend our money on going out for dinner!

Day 9 – September 19
Today we enjoy sunrise over mount Bromo and afterwards climb the still active volcano. The volcano makes a tremendous sound, which makes us all wonder if it isn’t about to erupt. In the afternoon, we catch our plane to Bali, let our surfadventures begin!

Day 8 – September 18
Our trip continues with a traintrip to Bromo. This time no luxurious seats, but small benches for Asian sized bums, and leg space that we share with four. After the traintrip, we hop onto a minivan, which doesn’t get slowed down by a bumpy road. In the end all of us made it to the end alive and well, including the cat which we almost ran over.

Day 7 – September 17
We thought Sunday would be a good day to take it easy and relax. We took this time to update our social media, write blogs and edit videos. We also went to the mall in the afternoon to get some groceries for the coming days.

Day 6 – September 16
Today we took te morning to be lazy and sleep in. In the afternoon we took the local bus to the temples of Prambanan. After walking around and taking in the temples, we went to the Ramayana ballet in the open air theatre next to the temples. The story was quite hard to understand, but the show was really cool to experience.

Day 5 – September 15
The alarm woke us at 4 AM for our trip to the Borobudur temples. This Buddhist complex has as much as 72 small stoepas with each a beautiful Buddha within. A beautiful place to walk around for a couple of hours and take gorgeous pictures.

Day 4 – September 14
We changed chaotic Jakarta for loved Jogjakarta. To get there, we had to get on a train for 8.30 hours long. However, the trip felt way shorter because of the lovely views.

Day 3 – September 13
On our way to the old haven of Batavia, now named Kota, we got an impression of the daily life of the people of Jakarta. Our search for the haven didn’t result into much, so we decided to visit Café Batavia on the Taman Fatahillah square. Here we had a delicious lunch including a Dutch dish called Bitterballen. Moreover, we looked for and found a supermarket in the a huge local mall.

Day 2 – September 12
Today we took a cab to the National Monument, were we walked around for a little bit. Then we went to the train station to get our tickets for our journey to Jogjakarta in 2 days. On our way back to the hostel our cab driver got a little lost, so we saw some more areas of Jakarta. We later had dinner at the hostel and worked on our blog/vlog.

Day 1 – September 11
After our stopover in Kuala Lumpur we hopped back on the plane and arrived in Jakarta around 17.30 local time. We were picked up by our driver and it took about an hour to drive the 23 kilometres to our hostel. In the hostel we got settled in and tried to go to bed early to sleep off our jet lag.

Day 0 – September 10
We packed our bags, drove to the airport, said our goodbyes to our loved ones and hopped on a plane towards Kuala Lumpur.