The Route

The plan for our one hundred and one days in Asia consists of 7 countries, at least 6 flights, hundreds of kilometres travelling across country and a couple of boat trips. The map below shows our route for at least the first 85 days. The red lines are our flights, the green show the parts we travel by land with either bus, train, car, walking, etc. The blue lines, I bet you have guessed already, are by sea.

UPDATE: Yes! We’ve changed our plans slightly, so that we get to visit Laos as well! This means, we’ll be visiting 8 countries and take 13 flights to get there. The explanation and map below have been altered according to our new plans!

Our journey starts with our flight from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to Jakarta, Indonesia. From Jakarta, we travel through Jogjakarta towards Mount Bromo, an active vulcano on the Island Java. Thereafter, we travel on to Bali where we will visit Depensar and head for the south of the island. From Bali, we catch a flight to Singapore, where we will spend a couple of days in the capital city. Next, we travel to the capital of Malasia, being Kuala Lumpur, by land. Following, we fly towards Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). We will continue our travels to Inle Lake, Bagan and Mandalay, from where we will catch our next flight to Bangkok, Thailand.

After exploring Bangkok, we will travel through the surrounding cities such as Kanchanaburi and Ayatthaya before we head towards the north of Thailand. Here we will visit Sukhothai and, of course, Chiang Mai. Afterwards, we will catch the next plane to Hanoi, which is in the north of Vietnam. Hanoi will be our link to the surrounding cities such as Sapa, and beach area Ha Long Bai. Continuing, we will travel by train to the middle of Vietnam. Our first stop will be Hue, followed by Da Nang and Hoi An. The journey continues to the south where we will stop in one of the larger cities Ho Chi Minh City.

Our one but last country is Cambodia, which we will travel by land completely. Here we’ll travel past Phnom Penh, enjoy ourselves on the island Koh Rong, and after, head to Siem Reap. From here, we will travel back to Bangkok, to catch a flight from Don Muang airport, to our first destination in Laos: Luang Prabang. After spending a couple of days in Luang Prabang, we will head for Vang Vieng, after which we’ll end our Laos adventure in Vientiane. Flying over Bangkok, we head to the south of Thailand to spend a couple days at the beaches of Phuket and Ko Lanta.


On the 20th of December we will catch the final flight of this trip from Bangkok to Amsterdam. Hopefully, bringing tons of stories of all the beautiful places along with us!