Who would have thought that Merel and I are actually going backpacking through Southeast Asia? Definitely not me! We have always joked about wanting to travel the world together, but I don’t think either of us thought it would ever happen. And now… IT’S HAPPENING!!

Merel graduated high school and I’m officially a Bachelor of Science and Tilburg University alumnus, so now we can head off on the journey of a life time. On the 10th of September we are flying from Amsterdam to Jakarta to start our three and a half months trip around Southeast Asia. We are planning to travel from Jakarta to Bali, then to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, ending with a few more days in Thailand before flying back from Bangkok to Amsterdam on the 20th of December. We know… it’s a lot of countries in a relatively short amount of time, but with the schedule we’ve made it seems very doable.

I can’t believe it’s getting so close already, only 5 more weeks until we get on that plane. The coming four weeks I’ll still spend most of my days working as a cashier at Media Markt (a Dutch electronics store) to save some more money, cause I really need it (all donations are welcome ;p). On my days off I’ll be prepping with Merel. Fortunately, we’ve already done a fair bit of the preparations. We’ve planned out our route and made our minds up about what places we really want to visit. We’ve also booked all our flights, not only the flight from Europe to Asia, but also the flights we’ll take between countries in Southeast Asia. We’ve also booked our first hostel in Jakarta and I’ve done a bit of shopping already to get all the things I need.

During our trip we’re both planning to write on this blog regularly. I can’t promise I’ll keep it up though. I mean, I’ve tried it before in Australia and everyone that was following me then knows how that ended… But it’s never a bad idea to try again, right? I’m really gonna try to be consistent this time and otherwise I’ll luckily have Merel with me who I know will write regularly.

One thing I will be doing for sure is photographing a lot and posting on my Instagram regularly. Shameless self plug: follow me on Insta (@juliahoogenboom), if you don’t want to miss anything. Besides that, I also plan to video tape a lot of our journey. I’m planning on vlogging (video blogging) everything, so I can make a video of what we did every few days. However, I’m not sure yet if I’ll upload any of these vlogs, I might just keep them for my own record… depends on how embarrassing they are ;p.

Anyways I hope you’ll enjoy following us on our journey through Southeast Asia and let us know if you have any tips for the countries we’re visiting!