As I try to come up with what I want to write about Kuala Lumpur, Malaisia, I realise we’ve been gone for a full week already. In the mean while, we’ve seen so many cool things, that I have a hard time remembering what we did in Kuala Lumpur. I’ve postponed writing about this city for far too long. Why? Because I doubted writing about Kuala Lumpur in general. I am greatful for everything we get to do and see, but if you’d ask me about Kuala Lumpur, I’d say it was alright.

Maybe it was simply because we didn’t push ourselves to see everything around. Mostly, because we did go see everything we could back in Singapore, stretching our limited time-schedule. Maybe, it’s also because after a metropolis such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur isn’t that impressive as a city, moreover it isn’t a culture shock like Indonesia was either. It has nothing that makes it stand out. However, I didn’t want to leave it out either, as it is still part of our trip. But what exactly is it that I’d like to share about Kuala Lumpur? And how?

Idea I: 3 things we’ve seen in Kuala Lumpur
Should be doable, though I wonder how much I still remember from each place

Idea II: 5 things we could’ve visited
Well, there aren’t that many places that I’d have liked to visit 

Idea III: why you should visit Kuala Lumpur
Though I would rather recommend you some other place

Idea IV: 3 reasons to skip Kuala Lumpur
But I don’t quite want to discourage people, it might just be that it wasn’t my type of city

Hmm difficult choice.. or not?! I’ll just answer these in “friendship book” style (Is this a Dutch thing? I’m not sure; anyway it’s a notebook in which you let friends answer questions. Some just about basic info, other questions to do with their favourite stuff or their dreams for the future. It’s a primary school thing.)

We visited a country named                   Malaysia

The city is called                                       Kuala Lumpur

It has this many inhabitants                    1,6 million

Most impressive were
the Petronas Twin Towers, a real eye-catcher from all over town.

My favourite moment was
when we were enjoying the lightshow in the park, right below the Petronas towers.

What I didn’t like that much was
the river of life, which was quite polluted, which made the name of the river seem quite irronic..

What I’d advise you to skip is
Central market, according to the travel guides, this is THE market to go see, but compared to all other markets there is nothing special to find out there.

My favourite store is called
Typo, and is situated in Suria KLCC mall, right below the Petronas Twin Towers. They have the cutest stationary out here!

What I’d have loved to see but didn’t is
the Bird park. Must be amazing to see all kinds of colourfull birds flying around!

A nice fact about the city is
that Max Verstappen won the Formula 1 race here in Kuala Lumpur while we were in town!

Why you can skip Kuala Lumpur
Because there are so many other cities that give you more of a culture shock/ offer you more contrast than Kuala Lumpur. This city isn’t a great metropolis, nor that different from life back home, meaning that it doesn’t WOW! you..

Why you should go to Malaysia 
Because it’s another country to colour on your worldmap, or to cross of your list. Moreover, it’s a great city to take a break in when travelling for several months, without spending a ton of money like in Singapore.