After a day of temple visiting and another of relaxing at the beach, the time to pack our bags and leave Bali has come. On our last morning we decide to sleep in and go for a royal brunch at a cafe near by. As we try to check-in for our flights on our laptops we are denied a boardingpass.. What?! Stand-by? The plane has been overbooked; too many people, too less seats. Normally, this is not a problem. According to google the airline will provide you with a stay at a luxurious hotel, will put you on the next flight, and will hand you a couple hundred bucks. Who wouldn’t want to stay an extra day at Bali for such a carepackage? Well, us actually, since there is a volcano called Agung that is ready to erupt close to here. However, since we’re the first people to arrive at the airport for this flight, and since we asked real nice, we’re granted a boarding pass. Moreover, the volcano decided to be nice to us and keep it in so we could fly off. On to Singapore!

Singapore seems to be located on another planet. Everything is structured, even crossing the street. No more “just wave with your hand and run across the busy road” but instead “use the specifically designed bridge to cross and risk a fine if you decide to cross somewhere else”. Looking at the map of Singapore, this city must be every cities architects dream: straight lines, squares in the right spots, every area it’s own purpose. The prosperous look is reflected in the prices. I would like to give you a specific example, but we’ve visited so many stores and malls that my head can’t keep the details apart. It’s not like we truly went on a shopping spree, but there are so many malls out here; literally every street has one at least. Not just small ones, but complete buildings with six floors with each three wings and a water fountain. The mall right below the iconic Marina Bay Sands even had a canal with gondolas running through it.

Now that I’m writing on Marina Bay Sands; it’s the world famous hotel consisting of three towers with a surf plank on top of it. Super awesome, now I get to surf on something other than just the internet for once. The building proudly decorates the skyline and is well visible from all over town. From the skypark observation desk, you have a full panorama view over the best sides of Singapore. Including, Gardens by the Bay, which to me is the Highlight of Singapore. Especially the Garden Rapsody light show, which I found breath-taking. It’s impossible to describe how beautiful it truly is, no matter how hard I’d try. It was just being there, enjoying the moment, the lit up trees against a clear night sky. We made it all the way to Singapore, and I am so happy and proud.

So I am serious when I tell you; If you’re in Singapore you HAVE to see it. I mean you might not be as crazy about it as I am, but like, I have seen it 5 times and am capable of telling you my favourite parts. Nevertheless, you need to see it. Not just from a skybar because you’ll miss out on the music, which is half the experience. Go to the gardens, sit or lay down on the ground, and just watch and enjoy.

Next to visiting the Gardens 5 times, we went to see Little India and Arab street as well. It’s really weird to see this little piece in this big city, so completely different from everything surrounding it. The streets are small, tens of shops are squeezed into a couple of squared metres, and everything is used and re-used until it completely falls apart. The contrast is obvious, also comparing it to the Merlion square, which is situated near the Bay. The square has tens of skyscrappers, a big lake in the middle of it, and not even a cigarette can be found trashing the ground.

On the other side of Merlion Square is the most luxurious mall of all. Even for an Asian meal, you might have to get another mortgage on your house. In front of this mall, there is a floating Louis Vuitton store, and oh next to it is another light show, but this time projected onto sprayed water with the Singaporean skyline in the background. To sum up, Singapore has everything you can possibly think of. We had great fun!

Furthermore, a small update on my nailless indexfinger. Out of the 223 people who opened the link with the warning for the photo, a brave 183 actually opened the photo. I am also very proud of the 40 people who knew themselves well enough to know they were better of skipping the picture. Doctor SIngapore has carefully examined my finger and said it seems calm and uninfected. When I asked him whether the doctors in Bali had done a good or bad job, he tactically told me: There is no good or bad, I think they did a decent job. Ah right, decent, could he have used any more politically correct word? Moreover, he made it pretty clear that if he’d been the first doctor to treat my finger, he would have done stitches. Let’s just say I am glad he wasn’t 😀 After the second appointment he told me that from now on, I had to clean and bandage it myself a couple more times, and after +/- 12 days I’ll have to leave it open so it could dry. Great, sounds fun, totally not scary. Nope. Okay yes, help.