I have to say, this whole travel experience so far has been amazing. Although not everything has gone as planned, we’ve really enjoyed ourselves and the things we’ve done so far. However, sometimes there are these moments that are just a little more amazing then everything else. The moments in which I realize that I’m so absolutely lucky to be traveling the world with one of my best friends. There have been quite a few and I wanted to share some with you.

Moment 1: Sunrise at Mount Bromo
I have to admit, when I got really car sick on the way up to our hotel the night before visiting Mount Bromo I wasn’t really sure why we were doing this. Was this supposed to be fun?? The crappy hotel room we arrived to didn’t make it much better and also when our alarm went of at 3am the next morning I wasn’t really jumping for joy. When we arrived at the viewpoint it was still completely dark and it was hard to figure out where would be the best spot to wait for the sunrise as you couldn’t really see any of your surroundings. I think we found an amazing spot though and the moment the sun came up and slowly revealed one of the most spectacular views I’ve ever seen, I knew everything was more than worth it.

Mount Bromo

Moment 2: Pedang Pedang beach at sunset
Pedang Pedang beach was the beach located at walking distance from our hotel in Bali. It’s also the beach were we went surfing a few days earlier and the beach were Merel’s fingernail might still be floating in the water. On our last day in Bali we had planned to just chill at the beach. However, during the day it was way to hot and really not that relaxing, so we soon decided it would be best to come back in the late afternoon as the sun was setting. And now, I can say that that was a really good decision, because sitting on the beach watching the waves crash and the sun setting over them was one of my favourite moments so far. The past few years I’ve come to realize that I really love the beach; the vibe, the cool breeze, the sound of the waves and the relaxed feeling it gives me. Maybe one day I’ll be able to live by the beach, but for now I was completely content just sitting there and enjoying the moment.

Pedang Pedang beach

Moment 3: Watching Garden Rhapsody (for the first time)
Right behind the famous Marina Bay Sands building lays one of my favourite spots in Singapore, namely the Gardens by the Bay. This is where they have build some massive concrete trees, covered with plants and thousands of lights. I know it might not sound that spectacular, but just look at the pictures and you’ll see what I mean. Every evening there is a lightshow called Garden Rhapsody and it’s absolutely magical. Everybody just sits or lays on the ground to listen to the music and enjoy the thousands of lights changing colours. It was so amazing that we actually saw it 5 times!! But nothing will beat the first time we went. I was just laying there on the ground with a huge smile on my face and after it ended I think the only thing I could say was: WOW! It was definitely a moment of pure happiness! No video will ever do it justice, but I’ll definitely put some clips of it in my Singapore vlog (stay tuned).

Gardens by the Bay

Moment 4: Walking through Marina bay
From the moment we’d arrived in Singapore I started saying how amazing I thought this city was, but there was one particular moment in which I knew I absolutely loved it. This moment is probably the hardest to describe out of all of them, but I’ll try. We wanted to see a water- and lightshow at the Marina Bay Sands and since it was only about a 30 min walk from our hostel we decided not to take the subway, but to just explore the city on foot. It was around 6pm, so it was getting a little dark and everybody was either on their way home from work, on a quick run before dinner or meeting up with their fitness palls for a boot camp session. Everybody was busy, but yet the vibe was so relaxed. I probably said ‘OMG I love this city so much!’ around a hundred times (Sorry Merel!) and thinking back to that moment still makes me really happy. I hope one day I’ll be able to come back to this city and spend some more time there. I’m actually considering looking into the possibilities of doing my master in Singapore… So maybe next year I’ll be one of those people working out by the waterfront (or just sitting on a bench enjoying the vibe and watching other people sweat).

Marina Bay